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XY-5L Core Drilling Rig

XY-5L crawler mounted core drilling machine can meet the new multiple drilling techniques, especially for the diamond drilling. It can be used in engineering geology exploration, hydrology and water well as well as big caliber construction. XY-5L drilling rig is spindle drilling rig is characterized by simple structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance. As a renowned China drilling rig supplier, we provide all kinds of high quality construction drilling equipments.

XY-5L Crawler Mounted Core Drilling Machine Main Technical Parameters

Power machine: Diesel Engine:

Model 4BTA3. 9-C100
 Power (kw)  74(2200r/min)
Drilling capacity:  BQ drill pipe  drilling depth 1800m
 NQ drill pipe  drilling depth 1400m
HQ drill pipe drilling depth 900m

Swivel Head of XY-5L Drilling Rig:

Spindle rotate speed(r/min) Clockwise: 47、76、123、152、190、246、270、360、400、613、869、1161   

Counter-clockwise: 51、163

Max torque of vertical spindle (Nm) 6800(76r/min)
Vertical spindle dia. (mm) 93
Lift capacity (KN)  Rating 150
Pressure capacity (KN) Rating 80
Feed travel(mm) 800

Windlass of XY-5L Crawler Mounted Core Drilling Machine:

The third layer lifting capacity of single rope (KN) Max 60
The third layer lifting speed of single rope (m/s)   0.79;1.27;1.96;2.78;3.71
Drum diameter (mm) 300
Steel cable diameter (mm) 20
Rope capacity (m) 100

Hydraulic System of XY-5L Drilling Rig:

Model of oil pump  63SCY14-1BF (plunger pump) +SGP1A16RF (gear pump)

Oil pump delivery capacity (ml/r)  63+16
System pressure (MPa)  12 MPa; 25MP while travelling
Shifting oil cylinder travel (mm)     500

Drill Tower of XY-5L Crawler Mounted Core Drilling Machine:

Height of drill tower (m) 

Load of drill tower (KN)   300
Drill angle     90°~45°

Crawler Base of XY-5L Drilling Rig:

Carrying capacity (T) 

Travel speed (km/h)    1.5-2
Max pull (Kg) 10250
Climbing angle       30°

Rope coring winch of XY-5L Crawler Mounted Core Drilling Machine:

Lifting force of bare drum

1200 kg Full of rope 400kg
Linear speed of full drum (m/s)   2
Rope capacity for Φ5.3mm  (m)  1500m
Transport size (length×width×height)  (mm) 5200×2180×2900
Working size (length×width×height)  (mm)  4500×3300×11700
Total weight (t) About 11.5T

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