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HT-260 Core Drilling Rig

HT-260 spindle type core drilling rig is a new type of high speed core drill developed to meet the needs of specific geological works.
HT-260 construction drilling equipment is suitable for engineering geological subterranean water explorations as well as explorations of shallow layer oil and natural gas, and can be used to drill holes for ventilation and drainage of main gallery.

Main features:
HT-260 spindle type core drilling rig is suitable in the mountain area because it can be carried easily for light weight and it is also featured with easy disassembly.
The drill is convenient for maintenance as it is featured with simple structure and reasonable layout.
HT-260 construction drilling equipment is steady under the high drilling speed for its smooth movement and low center of gravity.

Parameter of HT-260 Spindle Type Core Drilling Rig:


Drilling rod Dia. Drilling depth(Reference)
φ42mm 320m
φ50mm 260m
Power Name Diesel engine Electric machinery
Model ZS1115M/L24 Y160L-4-B3
Rated power 16.2/17kW 15kW
Rated speed 2200r/min 1460r/min
Swivel Head Spindle speed(r/min)


Spindle Dia. φ65mm(φ59×53 hexagon drilling rod)
Max. Torque 1750N.m
Feed Mechanism Model  Double oil cylinder hydraulic feed
Max. Hoisting capacity Rated 60kN
Max. Feed force Rated 45kN
Feed stroke 500mm
Winch Model Planetary
Single-rope 3 layer Max.hoist capacity 22kN
Single-rope 3 layer Max.hoist speed 0.606;2.2;3.35 (m/s)
Winch Dia. φ160mm
Steel calbe Dia. φ12mm
Rope capacity 30m
Hydraulic System Oil model CBF-F418-ALP
Oil pump displacement 18ml/r
Rated working pressure 12MPa
Rated speed 1500r/min
Remove oil cylinder stroke 360mm
Drilling angle 0-360°
Dimensions(L×W×H) 1630×800×1530 mm
Weight(with diesel engine) 970kg
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