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Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Carbide

Description of Tungsten Carbide:
Our tungsten carbide products mainly include tungsten carbide cutting blades and tungsten carbide geological mining cutting tools. And these tungsten carbide tools are widely used in a wide range of fields, like cutting, geological drilling, petroleum, coal mining, and construction industry.  Besides, it can also be used in stretching, mechanical and chemical industries.

Our tungsten carbide tools features high hardness and good wear resistance. and it can work normally at high temperature.

The carbide button bits are widely utilized in the manufacture of geological drill bits.
The carbide cutting tips are mainly used in the manufacture of carbide drilling bits.
Besides, we also offer various custom tungsten carbide products for customers worldwide.

Features of Tungsten Carbide:
Model ISO Physical and mechanical properties Applications
Bending strength ≥N/mm2 Hardness ≥HRA
finish machining YG3   1078 91 Suitable for finish turning of cast iron, nonferrous metals, non-ferrous metal alloys and nonmetal materials, as well as the drilling of nonmetal materials.
YG3X K01 1078 91.5 Appropriate for the finish machining of cast iron, nonferrous metals, non-ferrous metal alloy, alloy steel, hardened steel, wire drawing dies and geological needle-like alloys.
YG4C   1421 89.5 Suitable for complete geological exploration, like coal geology, oil wells, etc.
YG6A K10 1372 91.5 Suitable for the machining of hard cast iron and nonferrous metals; appropriate for semi-finishing of high manganese steel, hardened steel, and wire drawing dies.
YG6X K05 1372 91 Appropriate for chilled cast iron, heat resistant alloys, synthetic diamond anvil, and wire drawing dies.
YG6 K20 1421 89.5 Suitable for the rough finishing of hard cast iron, ductile iron, non-ferrous metals, and stainless steel.
YG8N K25 1470 89.5  
YG8 K30 1470 89 Appropriate for the finishing of cast iron, nonferrous metals, nonmetal materials, stainless steel, synthetic diamond anvil, and some other wear resistant parts.
YG8C   1715 88 Suitable for drilling medium hard and hard rock strata, as well as pulling steel pipes and steel bars.
YG11C G20 2058 86.5 Appropriate for steel pipes and stamping die
YG15 G30 2058 87 Suitable for synthetic diamond pressure cylinder, rock drill bits, steel pipes, stamping dies, etc.
YG20 G40 2254 85 Appropriate for stamping dies under the conditions of large impact load.
YG20C   2254 84 Appropriate for manufacturing extension dies and forging dies.
YT5 P30 1372 89.5 Used for rough machining of steel products, intermittent turning, milling, planing and drilling.
YT14 P20 1176 90.5 Suitable for rough turning, semi-finish turning, and rough milling.
YT15 P10 1127 91   Appropriate for the processing of carbon steel and alloy steel.
YT30 P01.2 882 92.5 Mainly used for the finish machining of carbon steel and steel workpieces.
YW1 M10 1176 91.5 Mainly suitable for processing heat-resistant steel, high-manganese steel and stainless steel.
YW2 M20 1323 90.5 Appropriate for the processing of heat-resistant steel, high-manganese steel, stainless steel, high-grade alloy steel, and common iron.
816   1470 92 Used for machining quenched and tempered alloy steel, and hardened steel.

Wuxi Drlling Tools Factory is a leading manufacturer of tungsten carbide in China. Besides tungsten carbide, we still supply clients worldwide with geological drilling tool, HDD equipment, DTH drilling tool, and so on. Both ISO9001: 2000 and API 5DP certificates are available for our products, and our products have been quite popular among clients from Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, Oman, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Australia, etc. Besides, OEM service is also available. If you need tungsten carbide, please contact us freely.

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