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XY-4 Core Drilling Rig

XY-4 Core Drilling Rig

XY-4 core drilling rig is suitable for drilling solid mineral diamond and cemented carbide. It is also used in engineering geology, under-water exploration, superficial-layer oil and nature gas as well as the ventilation and drainage of mine tunnel.
It has compact structure, reasonable layout, light weight, reasonable rotary   range and is easy to disassemble. The product won the prize of “High Quality Product” awarded by the former Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources and Gansu province respectively in 1987. In 1988. This core drilling rig is awarded silver prize by the National Quality Approval Committee. Our sales areas cover domestic and external areas like Asia and Africa.

Main Component:
Gyrator, winch, oil pump, electromotor, diesel engine

1. The core drilling rig owns high rotate speed and reasonable rotate speed range. It has a big torque in low speed, which makes it appropriate for the drilling of diamond core with small caliber. It also meets the requirements of the drilling of cemented carbide core with big caliber and different engineering drilling.
2. The drill rig is light and easy to disassemble. It is composed of 9 components with the largest weighting 218kg, which allows it easy to relocate and operate in mountain areas.
3. It's simple and reasonable in structure; all core drilling rig's components are exposed outside without interla pping. Moreover, it is easy to maintain.
4. It works with two reversal speed. So the drill rig is easy to deal with and safe.
5. It is stable to be shifted and fixed. Its rack is solid with low baryceter and good stability in high-speed drilling.
6. Equipped with meter and less operating handles.  
7. The drill rig and mud pump are motivated respectively.
Technical Parameters of Drill Rig:

Basic Parameters
 Drilling Depth(m)  42m drill rod 1000 ~1200m
 50mm drill rod 700~850m
 Drilling angle 360°
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) 2710*1100*1750 mm
Weight of the drilling rig(exclusive of  power machine) 1750kg
 Weight of the largest component 218kg
 Gyrator of Core Drilling Rig
 The rolling rate of the vertical shaft, (when revolving speed of the power machine: 1500r/min)
Low speed of clockwise rotation 101; 187; 267; 388 r/min
 High speed 311; 574; 819 1191 r/min
Low speed of counterclockwise rotation    83 r/min
High speed 251 r/min
When revolving speed of the power machine: 1500r/min
Low speed of clockwise rotation 135; 250; 355; 517 r/min
High speed 415; 765; 1090; 1588 r/min
Low speed of counterclockwise rotation      110 r/min
High speed 338 r/min
Spindle stroke 600mm
Max. lifting force 80000 Newton
Max. stress 60000 Newton
Torque  When the power of power machine is 40 horsepower, the rotating speed is 1500r/min
2640; 1410; 980; 660Newton/m.
830;  440;  300; 200Newton/m
 Diameter of spindle bore 68 mm
 Winch: when the power of diesel engine is 40 horsepower, the rotating speed is 1500r/min
 Lifting power (single rope)   30000; 16000; 11000; 7700Newton
Lifting Speed (the third layer) 0.82; 1.51; 2.16; 3.15m/s
when the power of diesel engine is 60 horsepower, the rotating speed is 2000r/min
 Lifting power (single rope)  ) 33000; 17800; 12450; 8600 Newton
 Lifting power (single rope)   1.09; 2.02; 2.89; 4.18 m/s
 Diameter of rope 16mm
 Drum Capacity 90m
 Reel diameter 285mm
 Diameter of brake valve 490mm
 Width of the brake band 120mm
 Shifter of Core Drilling Rig
 Oil cylinder stroke 460mm
 Oil pump
Output Volume 20mm/r
 Rotating Speed 1500r/min
 Working Pressure 20MPa
Max Pressure 25MPa
Drill Power of this Core Drilling Rig
Name Type Power Rotating Speed Weight
Motor Y200L-4 30kW 1470r/min 260 kg
Diesel Engine ZH4100G43 31kW 1500r/min 350 kg
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