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XY-4L Core Drilling Rig

XY-4L crawler mounted core drilling rig is a new type of core drilling machine especially suitable for the diamond drilling. XY-4L diamond core drilling rig can be used in engineering geology exploration, hydrology, well, and big caliber construction. It has inherited many merits from the former type, such as simple structure, easy operation, and convenient maintenance. Except for the above merits, there are also some outstanding advantages as follows:
1. XY-4L crawler mounted core drilling rig has many velocity shelves which are distributed in reason. It can meet the demand of various high efficiency drilling technics such as diamond rope sampling, impact gyration, directional drilling, reverse circulation consecutive coring (sampling) and so on, and conventional method’s aperture matching.
2. XY-4L diamond core drilling rig can export big torsional moment whose intensity is high. Its drilling capability is strong. It can be used in wide range.
3. XY-4L crawler mounted core drilling rig has firm structure by adopting the connecting rod reinforcement spring cramp.
4. XY-4L diamond core drilling rig is equipped with the brand automobile’s gearbox, clutch, universal transmission shaft and other high quality general parts, which leads to long-life, high reliability and convenient replacement.
5. XY-4L crawler mounted core drilling rig carries hydraulic lifting drill tower itself, which is convenient and agile.
6. By adopting crawler type base and four hydraulic rams, the complete machine can be moved by itself conveniently.

Main Technical Parameters:

Power machine: Diesel engine R4105ZD
Power and Rotate speed    56Kw/1500 r/min
Drilling capacity  NQ (φ70) drill pipe drilling depth 700m
 HQ (φ89) drill pipe  drilling depth 400m
φ42 drill pipe drilling depth 1000m

Swivel head of XY-4L Crawler Mounted Core Drilling Rig:

Spindle rotate speed(r/min) Clockwise: 33, 65, 109, 165, 215, 302, 507, 766, 1002  

36, 167

Max torque of vertical spindle (Nm)   4200
Vertical spindle dia. (mm)  φ93
Lift capacity (KN)    Rating 75  
Pressure capacity (KN)   Rating 55 
Feed travel(mm)  600


The third layer lifting capacity of single rope (KN) Max 40
The third layer lifting speed of single rope (m/s)   0.72、1.2、1.82、2.38
Drum diameter (mm) φ220
Steel cable diameter(mm)   φ15
Rope capacity (m) 55

Hydraulic system of XY-4L Diamond Core Drilling Rig:

Type of oil pump

Oil pump delivery capacity (ml/r)    30+10
System pressure (MPa)       8-10
Shifting oil cylinder travel (mm)  460

Drill tower:

Height of drill tower (m) 

Load of drill tower (KN)   90

Crawler base:

Load capacity (T): 

Bottom plate dimension (L X W) 2200 x 1700
Walk speed (km/h)  2
Climbing angle <30°
Rope coring winch: Lifting force of bare drum 800 kg full of rope 300 kg
   Linear speed of full drum (m/s)  2 
  Rope capacity φ4.76mm 700m
Weight of machine with mast: 


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