20 Ton HDD Rig

20 Ton HDD Rig

The 20 ton HDD rig is the shortened form of 20 ton horizontal directional drilling rig. Full hydraulic drive has been designed for it, and the rubber crawler system is also used in this drilling rig.

Its main components include diesel engine, power head and mud pump (or slurry pump).

1.Its power head is driven by two low-speed high torque motors, and stepless speed regulation system and advanced simple frame are designed for it.
2.Its feed system is driven by two motors. And the feed force and back-drag force of the speed reducer are the same, which ensures this 20ton HDD rig stable and reliable operation.
3.Its mast can adjust its drilling angle within the range of 10°-21°.
4.Low gravity center ensures its good stability.
5.The overall appearance of this HDD rig is attractive and elegant.
6.Its Cummins diesel engine is extraordinarily powerful, and has low noises, which makes this kind of 20 ton HDD drilling rig more suitable to be used in urban construction.
7.Its slurry pump is designed with hydraulic drive and mechanical speed regulation, so it can be flexibly adjusted according to different geological conditions and construction techniques.
8.The use of φ60mm drill rod with the length of 3m makes it more appropriate for high-efficiency construction and construction in narrow places.
9.Designed with hydraulic outriggers, this horizontal directional drilling rig is easy and convenient to adjust the stability of its rig body.

Technical Parameters of 20 Ton HDD Rig (Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig):

Main engine
Engine power 110kw(2300r/min)
Feed force/ back-drag force 200/200KN
Rated rotary torque 6000N.m
Rotation speed 0-70,0-140r/min
Feed stroke 3300mm
Diameter of pilot hole φ80mm
Drilling angle 0-21°
Hydraulic system pressure 20Mpa
Walking speed 1.6/3.2 km/h
Structure type Rubber track, slurry pump
Overall specification(m) 5.9(length)×2.1(width)×2.4(height)
Weight 6500Kg
Slurry pump
Type BW160/10
Max. flow rate 160L/min
Max. pressure 8Mpa
Storage capacity of slurry tank 1 m3
Auxiliary drilling tools 
Specification of drill rod φ60×3000mm
Directional drill head φ80mm
Reamer φ179φ259φ313φ365φ417
Transfer case 25t
Measuring and control equipment Optional

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