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HYDX-2 Core Drilling Rig

HYDX-2 Fully Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig

This HYDX-2 core drilling rig is a kind of lightweight fully hydraulic core drilling machine for geological exploration, and it is portable. It is mainly used in complex terrains and inaccessible areas, and it is especially appropriate for diamond wireline core drilling technology.

Its main components include diesel power drill, hydraulic system, control system, main winch, wireline winch, power head, feeding system, feed system, and gripper (holder) for well mouth.

1.Hydraulic drive mode is used for this core drilling rig. Its power head is fully hydraulic. It is driven by 5 diesel engines. 4 hydraulic oil pump and 1 double gear pump are also equipped.
2.Strong disintegration capacity is available. Split type design has been utilized for its power station, hydraulic oil tank, operating platform and drilling mechanism. So it can be freely adjusted. It can work in rather narrow space, as well as 45°-90° drilling angles.
3.High adaptability can always be found in this kind of core drilling rig, because it is suitable for drilling various strata.

Technical Parameters of HYDX-2 Fully Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig:

  Model   Parameters  
Drilling capacity BQ 350 m
NQ 230 m
HQ 120 m
Dynamical system Model 5 double-cylinder R2V870 air-cooled diesel engine
Rated power/weight 11kw/59kg
Rated rotating velocity 2500r/min
Power head   Torque range 334-930 N.m
Range of rotating speed 0-900 rpm
Feed system Feeding and lifting stroke of oil tank 1700 mm
Hoisting capacity 50 KN
Feeding capacity 25 KN
Main winch Max. lifting force 18 KN
Lifting speed 84 m/min
Wireline capacity 30 m
Diameter of steel wire rope φ12 mm
Wireline coring winch Lifting power   8.4 KN
Lifting speed 90-240 m/min
Wireline capacity 500 m
Diameter of steel wire rope φ6 mm
Slurry pump Type BW-100A
Overall dimensions of host machine   Length × width ×height   3500×1500×1300 mm
Weight Max. weight of disintegration part 100 kg

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