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  • C-Q series Core BarrelThe C-Q series core barrel can be divided into BQ, NQ, HQ, and PQ types. And this series core barrel has advantages of good drilling property, high salvage efficiency and low consumption.
    It consists of outer tube assembly and inner tube assembly. Export-standard plywood box is utilized to pack this C-Q series core barrel...
  • China Core Barrel AssemblyOur China core barrel assembly consists of various core barrels, including S56, S59, S75, S75B, S75B-2, S75-SF,S95, and S95-SF series. And it is comprised of outer tube assembly and inner tube assembly.
    It has advantages of optimal drilling capacity, high salvaging efficiency, and low consumption.
    We will pack the China core barrel assembly according to needs of our ...

Core Barrel Assembly

Our core barrel assembly falls into C-Q series core barrel and China core barrel assembly. And it features high efficiency, low drilling costs, simple structure, reliable performance, convenient maintenance and good durability.

International Standard:
C-Q series: AQ, BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ, BQ3, NQ2, NQ3, HQ3, PQ3
T2 series: T2 76, T2 86, T2 101, others.
Standard of China:
Single tube series: 36, D46, D48, D56, D59, D60, D66, D75, D76, D77, D78, D91, D92, D93, D94, D95, D96, D98, D100, D110, D112, D130, D132,D152, D171, D173, D225, D245, D279, D325
Double tube series: P36, P46, P48, P56, P59, P60, P66, of P75, P76, P77, P91, P94, P110, P130, P150
Rope series: S56, S59, S60, S75, S76, S77, S78, S91, S95, S96, S98

Wuxi Drlling Tools Factory is a leading manufacturer of core barrel assembly in China. Both ISO9001: 2000 and API 5DP certificates are available for our products, and our products have been quite popular among clients from Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, Oman, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Australia, etc. Besides, OEM service is also available. If you need core barrel assembly, please contact us freely.