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XY-2 Core Drilling Rig

XY-2 Core Drilling Equipment

The XY-2 core drilling rig is a kind of shallow and middle-hole core drilling equipment. It can be widely used in the core drilling of carbide and diamond bits, engineering geological exploration and the construction engineering, hydropower engineering, highway/railway construction, port construction, etc.

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Technical Parameters of XY-2 Core Drilling Equipment:

S.N. Item Parameters
1 Bore Diameter 93mm      150mm     200mm     300mm
Drilling depth 350m       280m      220m       120m
2 Rotator Rotation speed of vertical shaft
Clockwise rotation: 58, 101, 160, 221, 234, 406, 640, 885 r/min
Counterclockwise rotation: 46, 183 r/min
Max. torque: 3000 N*m
Feeding travel of vertical shaft: 600 mm
Max. uplifting force of vertical shaft: 60 kN
Unit uplifting force: 7.7 kN /Mpa
Max. feeding force of vertical shaft: 45 kN
Unit feeding force: 5.7 kN /Mpa
3 Hoist Diameter of drum: 200 mm
Diameter of wire rope: 14 mm
Drum capacity (five layers): 45 m
Hoisting velocity (third layer): 0.45, 0.785, 1.24, 1.71 m/s
Max. hoisting force (single rope) : 30 kN
4 Movable travel of drill: 460 mm
5 Distance between drill and hole-opening: 260 mm
6 Oil gear pump Model: CB-E25
Nominal displacement: 25 mL/r
Nominal speed: 1500 r/min
Rated pressure: 16 Mpa
Max. pressure: 20 Mpa
7 Power machine
  Diesel engine Electric motor
Model 4L68 Y180L-4
Rated power 24 kW 22 kW
Rated speed 1500 r/min 1470 r/min
8 Drill dimension (L ×W ×H) 2510×950×1820 mm
9 Net weight (excluding the power machine) 1300kg
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