400Ton HDD Rig

400 Ton HDD Rig

The 400 ton HDD rig, or 400 ton horizontal directional drilling equipment, is mainly made up of diesel engine, hydraulic pump, valve, motor and speed reducer.

This kind of drilling rig is equipped with two motors, and two diesel engines. And these diesel engines can work independently as well as in conjunction with each other. Even when one of them breaks down, the other one can work normally, which dramatically improve the operation safety of this machine. 

The hydraulic valve of this horizontal directional drilling rig can be driven both electrically and manually. So when circuit failure happens, it can work as usual by manual operation.

Besides, this 400 ton HDD rig is equipped with crane, which makes it quite convenient to transport drill rods and reamers. And advanced control technology is used to minimize its power consumption under non-loaded condition.

Technical Parameters of 400 Ton HDD Rig (Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig):

Main drill rig
Max. feed thrust/ feed pull 4000KN
Feed thrust/ back dragging system Pinion and rack type; moving with 6 gears driving; 2-speed gear shift stepless speed regulating I shift: 7.5 m/min II shift: 32 m/min
Rotation driving Gear transmission; stepless speed regulating I shift torque: 98000Nm@42r/min II shift torque: 49000Nm@84r/min
Rated value Double-power 750hp(552kw)
Operational state Thrust/ pull and rotation can reach the above-mentioned maximum rated performance index. 
Operator's cab
Rotary push-pull system, open load sensing system and air conditioner
Overall dimensions and gross weight
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) 17.17×3.25×3.75m
Gross weight 52T
Mast entrance oblique angle
8°~ 16°
Environmental standard and service
The emission and noise performance of the engine meets EURO II standard.
Drilling tool
Optional drilling rod 5" 51/2"
3Tstraight arm crane
Length: 16.5m
Hydraulic pump(optional)
Hydraulic driving mode; stepless adjusting flow rate
Flow rate 0-2200L/min
Pressure 0-10Mpa

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