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HYDX-5A Core Drilling Rig

HYDX-5A Core Drilling Rig

The HYDX-5A core drilling rig had been a dominant model for the developed country to conduct solid mineral deposits. By introducing wire line coring diamond drilling technology, the machine becomes the dominant trend for the development of drilling technology and equipment in China. It can replace the imported machine and can be widely used in geology, metallurgy, coal, petroleum, natural gas underground water, etc. There are rubber-typed and platform-based core drilling rig.

1.The main hydraulic pump vale and motor are imported from components of international brand.
2.We have chassis of two types, tire-pull type (with steering gear) and steel track, self-working type (subscribe as your will), all equipped with hydraulic outrigger device.
3.The mast can raise and fall with the help of fuel tank, and it is foldable in transportation with touchdown function.
4.Hydraulic system adopts load sensitive control, equipped with high platform and orifices platform.
5.Power head feeding adopt fuel-tank chain speeding construction for long feeding travel, its rotary is driven by double motors
6.The power head is equipped with gearbox and hydraulic stepless speed change, upper centralizer and lower guiding devices are fitted in this core drilling rig.
7.Hydraulic holder is equipped with its orifice.

Technical Parameters of HYDX-5A Core Drilling Rig:

Diesel engine
For Core Drilling Rig
Model Number CUMMINS 6CTA5.9-C195
Power 145kW
Rotating Speed 1900rpm
Core Drilling Rig Capability BQ 1500m
NQ 1300m
HQ 1000m
PQ 680m
Power head Rotating Speed Second gear stepless 0-1145rpm
Torque 4650N.m
Diameter of spindle bore 121mm
Maximal feeding force 150KN
Maximal drawing back force 75KN
Main winch Lifting power (single rope) 77KN
Diameter of rope 18mm
Length of rope 60m
Hoist rope Lifting power (single rope) 12KN
Diameter of rope 6mm
Length of rope 1500m
Mast of Core Drilling Rig Height 12m
Angle of adjustment 0°-90°
Drilling angle 45°-90°
Feeding stroke 3800mm
Slide stroke 1100mm
Others Overall Weight 12500kg
Dimensions L×W×H 6250×2220×2500mm
Movement Pattern Auto-Steel crawler-type
Mud Pump Type BW250
Lower clamp Clamping range 55.5-117.5mm(through-hole
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