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BW-2500 Engineering Mud Pump

BW-2500/16 MUD PUMP

BW-2500/16 five-cylinder single-acting reciprocating piston pump is characterized by simple, convenient and flexible operation. It can also achieve close or remote control. BW-2500/16 five-cylinder single-acting reciprocating piston pump is featured with compact structure, smooth operation, changeable flow range, high output pressure parts, long life expectancy, and stable performance and so on. BW-2500/16 five-cylinder single-acting reciprocating piston pump adopts the car transmission. With reasonable configuration and parameters, it can satisfy different requirements. It is widely applied in core drilling, coal field geology, metallurgy geology, hydrogeology, etc.


Model BW2500/16
Type Five-cylinder single-acting reciprocating piston pump
Liner Dia.(mm) φ150
Stroke (mm) 150
Pump speed(min-1) 190 148 115 90 70 55 42 33
Discharge replacement (1/min) 2500 1950 1520 1180 925 720 560 430
Rated Pressure (MPa) 4.8 6 8 10.2 13 16 16 16
Engine model Cumins diesel engine 6LTAA8.9-C360
Power (KW) 264
Suction pipe Dia. (mm) 204
Discharge pipe Dia. (mm) 100
Dimension(L×W×H) 5456×2550×2450 mm(With diesel engine)
Weight 10000(With diesel engine)
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