Surface Set Diamond Bits

Casing Shoe Bits

The casing shoe bit is mainly used in handling casing tube in the shallow earth surfaces. And we have casing shoes bit in different hardness to better fit various casing tube bits.

The casing shoe diamond bit is mainly made up of diamond single crystal, steel body, tungsten carbide and polycrystalline diamond.

Regarding the packing, individual casing shoe bit will be packaged by carbon box, and batches of this kind of bits, export-standard plywood boxes will be used.

Wuxi Drlling Tools Factory is a leading manufacturer of casing shoe bits in China. Besides casing shoe bit, we still supply clients worldwide with PDC bits, tungsten carbide bits, reaming shell, core barrel assembly, and so on. Both ISO9001: 2000 and API 5DP certificates are available for our products, and our products have been quite popular among clients from Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, Oman, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Australia, etc. Besides, OEM service is also available. If you need, please contact us freely.

Technical Parameters:

Specifications Outer diameter Inner diameter Length of thread
BW 75 60 63
NW 91 76 69
HW 117 99 76
PW 143 121 82
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