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GY-100 Engineering Drill Rig

GY-100 Engineering Drill Rig

GY-100 portable engineering drill is a kind of multi-use engineering reconnaissance drill. It can proceed attacking and gyrating drilling, and it can load by sliding or towing. The drilling depth is 20~150m. The engineering drill rig is used broadly for the engineering geological reconnaissance in industrial and civil architecture, energy, traffic and hydroelectricity, it can also be used in drilling minor diameter foundation holes.

1. This core drilling rig has a wide range of rotary speed.
2. Low rotary speed and big torque are utilized for rig sampling and pile construction.
3. The winch is a combined type which makes for its advanced structure and good impact resistance.
4. By opening the clinostat, it is easy to lift and lower the drill within 400mm diameter directly.
5. The drill tower of the core drilling rig can be stair-tower or 4-leg steel tower, and the loading form can be skidding style or drag-hang style.
6.   By feeding oil pressure, it is easy to operate and drill with high efficiency.
7.  Compact, small and light makes it more convenient to disintegrate and move.

Technical Figures

Basic Parameters of Engineering Drill Rig
Drilling Depth 150m    100m  20m
Drilling Hole Diameter 46mm   76mm  300mm
Drill Pipe Diameter 42mm
Gross Weight Of Drilling Machine 450kg
Dimension L×W×H 1580×1080×1200 mm
Revolving Plate of Engineering Drill Rig
Rotary Speed 48  100  200  350  650  r/min
Maximum Torque 2000N*m
Maximum Cylider Driving Force 20,000N
Maximum Cylider Lifting Force 30,000N
Lifer for Engineering Drill Rig
Lifting Capacity Single Pipe, Low Speed 15,000N
Bobbin Line Speed 0.32  0.66  1.24  2.58  m/s
Bobbin Diameter 140 mm
Rope Diameter 11 mm
rope capacity 24 m
drilling tower
type Staircase Tower(or Steel Pipe Quadripod)
height 6m
drive motor
type Changzhou ZS1100 Diesel
rated power 11kw (15HP)
Weight of Engineering Drill Rig 450kg

Notice: The mask is limited to short-distance relocation trailer, less than 10km/h.

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