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GXY-2B Core Drilling Rig

GXY-2B Core Drilling Machine

Our GXY-2B core drilling machine is a kind of vertical shaft rotary drill rig that is designed with mechanical transmission and hydraulic feeding mode. And it is mainly applicable to engineering geological investigation, general survey and exploration of solid deposits, dam grouting, and ventilating and draining of tunnel.

According to different strata (ground), the drilling bit of the core drilling machine can be types of tungsten carbide, steel grit, spiral, etc. And the trough-hole of vertical shaft is ф8.

1.More suitable rotating speed and bigger torque have been designed for its vertical shaft.
2.More rational range of rotating speed is available, and its rotating speed has 8 grades.
3.Centralized speed adjusting, mutual self locking and low-speed torque are utilized for this kind of core drilling rig.
4.Two different kinds of reverse speeds make it easy to deal with different machine faults.
5.Self-centering hydraulic chuck makes it convenient to clamp and loosen drill rods.
6.The oil-pressure feed mechanism has strengthened its pressurizing and lifting capacity.
7.Enough instruments (or meters) are used to get enough information about the situations of holes.
8.Less manipulation (control) handles have been equipped for this core drilling rig.
9.Dual normally closed friction clutch is flexible to close, open, adjust and operate.
10.Being light, compact-structured and convenient to disassemble, this kind of GXY-2B core drilling machine is quite suitable for drilling work in hilly or mountainous areas.

Technical Parameters of GXY-2B Core Drilling Machine:

Drilling depth 300m-600m
Diameter of drill rod Ф42mm,Ф50mm
Dip angle of drilling 0-90°
Overall dimensions of drilling rig (length ×width × height) 2220×950×1800mm
Weight of drilling rig (excluding power machine) 1200kg
Power configuration
Motor power 22KW; rotating speed: 1470r/min (type: Y180L-22-4 )
395K2 diesel power 19.9KW; rotating speed:1500r/min
495D diesel power 26.5KW; rotating speed: 1500r/min

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